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Thoughts while studying fermentation   2 comments

Take away the caps and we all become common nouns
joined, broken apart….

I’m suddenly passionate about fermented foods –
bread, cheese, pickles…

How did I overlook for so long that the yummiest foods are decomposition products —
Which I will soon be myself.

Bob told me of the moment, at his grandma’s funeral, when he got it:
He wanted, wildly wanted, to steal away her body, save it from the molds, when suddenly, blindingly, saw that it would be her own bacteria, her friendly flora, that had kept her going 103 years, who would feast on her, a big party, procreate, and go on…. and he thought, OK!, and he decided, and I have too, not to be cremated, because he wanted to allow the big party to go on.

I keep drawing things with my new drawing app, forms emerging from the darkness; I don’t  know if it’s inner sapce or outer space, underground or under water,  I search for wild and wilder forms, squiggly and wiggly, striped, dotted, with and without spines.  What’ll it be?!!!

My “singularity” is almost surely a countable number of days away
so it’s with very personal interest that I study decomposition and fermentation

It started with Bob, also with Nancy, who is 86, becoming obsessed with making salt-rising bread.  She’s hanging around the kitchen to see if she can lure the right kind of organism into her crock of white corn meal not two hours from the mill.

Like gazing intently at the sky
to discern the presence of a traveling stranger

Won’t you come in?

Like Abraham to the angels that then heralded Sarah’s improbable pregnancy

I’m surprised to find myself in the company of the SETI crowd, not exactly searching for extra-terrestrial life, but sensing with excitement the dark places full of unexpected lifeforms, as unexpected as “I” am.

I’ve read about spores, protected, in their jackets, from cold and heat and radiation, and, I think: take off your jackets —- who knows what you may turn into?