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There was an animated consultation today between my caregiver, Ana; Maureen, the woman with the industrial sewing machine; and my friend, Barbara — all passionately engaged in the question of how to rearrange the pulls on my leggings so that I stop straining my shoulders, which have lately been on fire. As I use the pulls differently in at least six different moments in my process, there were many subsets to the general question and a torrent of opinions, some wildly innovative and out of the box. The women jostled one another to get at my badly attached pulls to show how they ought to be redone. Voices were raised in competition. What fun! Innovation in action! I know that many people feel sorry for me, being cooped up as I am — and, if I had my druthers, I’d step away from this situation any day of the week, but, even so, people are people, and I notice that people in the caregiving world tend to be caring people, and that, faced with the challenge of helping a person overcome pain, their compassion often manifests in wonderful resourcefulness and creativity. Thousands of miles away and on a world historical stage, humble Egyptians were rising up to throw off oppression. The oppression here was different, but pain is pain, and I appreciated the vibrancy of the life force as it showed itself right here in my room: From pain to fullness of life! Yay!
– by Judy

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